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Living with back pain is physically difficult and emotionally stressful. At Joyce Family Medical Group in Mount Greenwood, Illinois, Dr. Joyce offers comprehensive back pain therapies to eliminate pain and prevent surgery.Chronic back pain causes you to miss work and other important events in your life. If you’re tired of living with back pain, Dr. John Joyce has many solutions to relieve pain and restore your good health. Schedule your appointment online now to learn more.

Back Pain Q & A

What causes back pain?

You can develop back pain at any age. Pain often results from overexertion injuries, like muscle strains and sprains.

Arthritis develops in the lower back or spine, causing a condition known as spinal stenosis. With spinal stenosis, your vertebrae compresses or damages nerves, resulting in sciatica. Herniated, ruptured, or diseased disks reduce your spine’s ability to absorb shock, causing back pain and inflammation.

Other medical issues, such as osteoporosis, causes your bones to become weak and brittle. Osteoporosis doesn’t always show symptoms, but if your vertebrae incur compression fractures due to bone weakness, it can lead to chronic back pain.

Dr. Joyce discusses your medical history, previous injuries, and daily activities to determine the cause and the best course of treatment to resolve your back pain.

Who is at risk for back pain?

While anyone can suffer from back pain, you may be at higher risk of developing chronic pain if you frequently engage in movements using improper techniques for lifting or carrying heavy objects. Muscle strains or pinched nerves from quick, reckless movements can trigger pain.

Living an inactive lifestyle with long periods of sitting can also increase your risk of developing chronic back pain, due to compression on the nerves and strain on your muscles. If you have bad posture, ongoing back pain may become an issue. Tobacco use increases your potential for having back pain, as smoking damages the nerves and muscle tissue and limits the delivery of nutrients and proper blood circulation throughout the body.

Your emotional health is also a risk factor for chronic back pain. Stress and anxiety compromise the health of your nerves and increases tension in your muscles.

What are the treatment options for back pain?

Dr. Joyce determines the right treatment based on the underlying cause of your back pain. He recommends a combination of chiropractic and physical therapies to relieve pain and restore your health. Dr. Joyce assess your medical history and routine activity to determine the cause of your pain. He offers several services to improve your muscle flexibility and reduce tension in your tightened or stiff back muscles.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Joyce may use spinal manipulation techniques to reduce pressure on the spine and relieve the pain from nerve compression. He may also use manipulation to increase mobility to the back that has been restricted by injuries or repetitive stress.

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