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Imagine seeing your baby’s sweet face before you give birth. Little Miracles, a department of Joyce Family Medical Group in Mount Greenwood, Illinois, offers 3D ultrasound technology to let you do just that. This technology makes it possible to see a fetus’s facial features in amazing detail. At Little Miracles, 3D ultrasounds are available so you can get the first look at your little miracle. Schedule your consultation online or by phone now.

3D Ultrasounds Q & A

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What is a 3D ultrasound?

A 3D ultrasound applies the three-dimensional imaging common in women’s health care as a diagnostic tool for internal diseases or medical conditions. Dr. Natalie Schultz uses a 3D ultrasound to view and monitor your fetus throughout pregnancy to ensure optimum health and development. She can view three 90-degree angles of your fetus at the same time. This view provides insight into the developmental details of your baby’s growth.

With 3D Ultrasound, you can to do the following:

  • Confirm the baby’s sex
  • Identify of the number of babies
  • Calculate the baby’s gestational age
  • Determine the baby’s position prior to delivery
  • Geta close-up look at the baby’s facial features

Little Miracles provides you with a picture of your ultrasound that highlights the face, limbs, and other visible features. We can even send all the pictures of your baby by text or email.

How is a 3D ultrasound done?

Little Miracles performs 3D ultrasounds in a comfortable office environment. First, you lay still on a comfortable bed. Next, our ultrasound technician, Noura, applies a gel to your stomach. Finally, she slides a handheld device over the skin on your abdomen, frequently moving the device to find a clear image of the fetus.

If a good picture of your baby is not possible during the first visit, you can reschedule for a second visit free of charge!

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