Not Just for Post-Op: How to Prevent Surgery With Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is less risky and invasive than surgery and, in many cases, offers just as good – if not better – outcomes when it comes to certain types of pain. With surgery, you have side effects associated with anesthesia, possible infection, and blood loss. You may have months of rehabilitation before you’re ready to function fully. The only side effects of physical therapy are increased mobility, improved fitness, and better overall health and function.

But, physical therapy isn’t always easy – it requires work and consistency on your part. With effort and the skilled guidance of the team at Joyce Family Chiropractic, you just may be able to rehab without surgery.

Types of conditions that respond to physical therapy

Many painful conditions have been shown to effectively respond to physical therapy. Research shows that oftentimes surgery showed no added advantage. Issues that respond well to physical therapy treatment include rotator cuff issues, meniscal tears in the knee, low back pain, spinal stenosis, degenerative disk disease, and knee osteoarthritis.

Dr. Joyce and the therapists at Joyce Family Chiropractic evaluate your particular condition and goals to help you decide if physical therapy is a viable alternative to surgery.

Understand your condition and lifestyle

One of the major benefits of physical therapy is that your therapist takes every effort to know you – your pain levels, your lifestyle, and your goals. They examine you physically to evaluate your strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and posture. This informs a treatment and exercise plan to help you get back to doing the activities you need and want to do every day – whether that’s grocery shopping or running a marathon.

Be honest with your therapist about your time and willingness to commit. If they suggest an exercise or lifestyle change that you know you just won’t do on your own, say so. They can then adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

Be a participant

You can avoid surgery with physical therapy, but you have to put in the work. Keep up with the exercises recommended by your therapist, on the schedule as recommended. You also need to follow up with Dr. Joyce to evaluate your progress and tweak your plan, as needed.

Doing physical therapy exercises only when you’re at the office won’t give you good results. Perform at-home therapy to truly get to a place where you can avoid surgery. They are a vital part of your healing and recovery process.

Most people experience significant improvements in mobility and pain relief as a reward for the hard work of physical therapy – all without the added risks of surgery and medications.

In the event you should end up needing surgery at some point, physical therapy prior helps with recovery and rehabilitation. Going into surgery strong and in good shape can improve your results, too.

If you have joint pain and are worried that surgery is your only recourse, make an appointment at Joyce Family Chiropractic. Find out if physical therapy is a possible alternative to avoid a major, invasive procedure.

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