Banish Unwanted Fat Bulges with the Zerona Laser Therapy

Do you cringe when you see yourself sit down or bend over and you notice some hanging flesh where it shouldn’t be hanging? Do you try to avert your eyes when you notice that muffin top spilling out over your jeans? Sometimes diet and exercise can help you lose weight but not always eliminate the fat that’s most noticeable.

A tummy tuck or liposuction is an option. But surgery is expensive and requires a long recovery period. If you want to rid yourself of unwanted fat bulges without the expense and downtime of surgery, then a nonsurgical, noninvasive option such as Zerona® laser therapy body sculpting may be a good choice for you.

What is Zerona laser therapy?

Zerona is an FDA-approved body sculpting laser that effectively zaps away unattractive fat deposits. Zerona body sculpting uses a low-level laser therapy treatment to emulsify your fat, or turn it into liquid so that it can be easily flushed away.

It’s a quick procedure, lasting only about 40 minutes, with no downtime or pain. Some people may even find it relaxing. You simply lie on the table for 20 minutes of laser treatment and then flip over for 20 minutes of treatment on the other side.

This means you can walk into Joyce Family Chiropractic and Wellness on your lunch hour or while your kids are at soccer practice for a procedure and return to work or other daily activities without a hitch.

What areas of my body can Zerona reduce?

Zerona laser therapy body sculpting can target the fat on all your problem areas. Whether it’s your thighs, arms, tummy, back, waist, or hips, Zerona can help you eliminate inches everywhere. To get the slim look you want, however, you need about six treatments per problem area.

Am I a good candidate for Zerona laser therapy?

If you’ve tried diet and exercise and are at a healthy weight or close to a healthy weight, but you can’t banish those unwanted bulges, then you may be a good candidate for Zerona. Zerona is not a weight-loss procedure, so you can expect to lose inches of fat but not pounds. Studies show that, on average, you can lose 1 to 1.5 inches of fat per treated body area.

While the fat is washed away for good, new bulges can creep up. It’s best to use Zerona laser therapy body sculpting in combination with a healthy lifestyle and weight-loss or weight maintenance program. Eating a balanced diet that’s low in sugar, fats, and processed foods, and exercising regularly will help you maintain your new slimmer figure.

Zerona has few known side effects and leaves no scars or marks. Results are noticeable within weeks. Plus, the results are natural-looking and balanced, so people just notice that you look great.

To learn more about how Zerona laser therapy body sculpting can help banish belly bulges, call us at Joyce Family Chiropractic and Wellness or make an appointment online through this website.

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