Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with the Healthy Transformation™ Program

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, the Healthy Transformation™ program can help you achieve that goal. About 40% of people make New Year’s resolutions, but about 80% of those resolutions are broken — by February!

Many of those resolutions fail because people don’t get the right support to help them achieve their goals. Weight loss is a popular but tricky goal to achieve. There are many reasons why people try to lose weight but can’t. Figuring out what is blocking you from getting to a healthy weight can make the process easier.

Dr. John Joyce at Joyce Family Chiropractic and Wellness helps determine if your weight issues are due to metabolism, poor diet, thyroid conditions, or other reasons. Armed with this information, a host of weight-loss tools and products, and the Healthy Transformation program, he can help you overcome your weight-loss barriers and get to a healthy goal weight.

Dr. Joyce starts with a medical history and physical exam to learn your weight-loss goal, your past attempts at losing weight, and your potential roadblocks to achieving a healthy goal weight.  

What is the Healthy Transformation program?

One of the tools that Dr. Joyce uses to help you lose weight is the Healthy Transformation program. This program provides all the food and supplements you need to lose weight, including meal plans, high protein shakes (in delicious flavors), daily supplement packets, energy bars, and an easy-to-follow exercise program.

The shakes and supplements and other products in the program work so effectively because they stimulate your metabolism to help burn unwanted fat. The bonus of this program is that it’s not only a weight-loss regimen, but it has the vitamins and supplements you need to boost your overall wellness.

You drop pounds while your body gets the right nutritional balance. The shakes control carbohydrate consumption, which can interfere with weight loss. You also get a fiber mix, which is usually lacking in most people’s diets.  

But the program does not stop with just a meal plan and exercise program. The reason it’s so successful is that you also get the support you need as well as healthy lifestyle advice to help you stick to the program until you reach your goal.  

Weight loss tools

To further improve your health and support your weight-loss goals, Dr. Joyce may prescribe a detox plan to help rid your body of toxins that can impair your health and interfere with your weight-loss progress. You can also receive supplements that help build strong muscles and bones and improve your gastrointestinal, immune, and neurological systems.

You’ll be able to drop weight while maintaining muscle strength and improving your overall health and wellness. Dr. Joyce monitors you all the way to your goal and then provides the support you need to maintain it.


For more information on how the Healthy Transformation program can help you lose weight and keep it off, call us at Joyce Family Chiropractic and Wellness, located in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood of Chicago, or make an appointment online.

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