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The Dangers of Tech Neck

Are you on your digital device right now? The average American spends almost six hours a day looking down at their phone, tablet, or computer. Looking at tech can lead to tech neck. Learn about this common condition and how you can prevent it.

Sep 11th, 2019
5 Ways to Fight Back Pain Daily

Are you one of the many Americans who suffer from chronic back pain? Here’s how you can reduce the pain or make it go away forever.

Jul 3rd, 2019
Learn More About Finding Relief from Sciatica Pain

Are you experiencing shooting pain in your back and leg that won’t go away? You may be suffering from sciatica, a common condition that typically affects one side of your body. Find out how to get long-term relief from sciatica pain.

Feb 12th, 2019
How to Know If You Are a Good Candidate For Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is an exciting treatment using the healing power of your body to relieve chronic pain and fix damage that might otherwise require surgery. Often sourced from your own tissue, stem cells provide additional natural healing resources.

Jan 16th, 2019
Chiropractic Adjustments: A Drug-free Remedy for Migraines

Migraines can be painful and debilitating. Medications may help, but if you prefer a drug-free approach, try chiropractic adjustments. Find out how chiropractic manipulation can reduce the frequency, severity, and length of your migraine attacks.

Nov 15th, 2018
5 Interesting Facts About Laser Sculpting

Are diet and exercise not producing the body you want? Sometimes they’re just not enough to rid you of those last stubborn pockets of fat. Learn how laser sculpting can fix your problem areas — without surgery, pain, or downtime.

Jul 23rd, 2018
Should You See a Chiropractor After a Fender Bender?

Injuries are common following a car accident, even one that seems minor. You may be hurt and not even realize it. Get checked out by an experienced chiropractor to ensure that what might seem like a small pain in the neck doesn’t turn into a bigger one.

May 15th, 2018
12 Tips for Preventing Back Pain

Back pain is common, but in many cases completely avoidable. Adopt lifestyle habits to promote a healthy spine and help you avoid aches and pains. Follow these 12 tips for a pain-free back.

Apr 25th, 2018
Muffin Tops and Love Handles: Why Fat Deposits in These Spots

You want to lose weight, but more specifically, you want to lose fat in those pesky love handles or muffin top. Other names for these stubborn fat storage sites are a spare tire, middle-age spread, and plain old flab. These problem areas bulge over your wa

Feb 28th, 2018
5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back

By stretching and strengthening these muscles, you improve your spine’s support system, making back pain, and the complications surrounding it, a thing of the past.

Jan 10th, 2018